mixed media slivers

In the way that structuralist film enforces a grid over chaos; the notion of collage and fragment in Hollis Frampton's films and in Borges’ Aleph, which is an object in one place that holds the simultaneity of the world, we are constantly trying to distill the chaos into the more specific. Specificity lends itself into fragments or digestible pieces. These fragments are not ensured to be specific but give us pieces that we can collage later. I hope with my piece (pictured above) to distill the idea of the fragment further by placing these chaotic slivers of plaster and material into an organized grid that is analogous to how the space we are showing in (Abernathy Art Space) organizes space in its architecture and where it lays in relation to the West Bottoms’ arrangement of buildings in Kansas City, similar to the way DeCertau attempts to distill the chaos when walking through New York in Walking in the City.

FATHOM was a show in collaboration with; Philip Bakala, Ian Cochran, Fredy Gabuardi, Sharon Grandischnig, Haley Treadwell, Polly Wilson and I, in response to Drawing The Time Image, led by Corey Antis at KCAI.

Images by Ian Cochran 2013